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Establishment since 2013,3G Agent Co., Ltd is a Professional Service Provider specializing in Recruitment, Training, Job-Posting, Outsourcing, HR & Business Improvement and Legal Compliance. As our expert teams are experienced-based professional within multi-industries so that we could support both employees and employers to make their life a meaningful success. Our reputation is entrusted in setting the benchmark for excellence in people and organizational development for many years. Throughout our expertise and experiences, we closely work, listen and provide our clients included SME and Corporate companies with valuable, update-to-date and necessary concepts and tools on people development so that they could stay on top of today competitive market. As the arrival of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), we have been working even more aggressively with students, employees, NGOs, local and International companies including Government bodies to support and provide our hand-on core services to not only up-skill our Cambodian people but also to be more than ready and challenged within ASEAN community. More importantly, with our exclusive international partners included but not limited to Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand and Vietnam, we could bring you the world-class HR Services to your front door for real.

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