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Since its creation in 1985, AXA has grown into a globally recognized brand with a presence in 64 countries and with nearly 107 million customers. An adventure made possible thanks to the involvement of our employees who share the same ambition: to make your life better by protecting you as much as possible against the vagaries and uncertainties that punctuate it. Protect your property naturally, since it is our core business, but also your health and your financial assets. To do this, we build a range of products and services, always taking as a starting point: the customer, his expectations and his needs.

In a constantly changing world, we are committed to constantly reinventing our business to simplify insurance again and again. We are thus resolutely committed to the digital transformation to make our products, our advice and our assistance accessible from any channel. Beyond the technical challenges, for AXA it is no longer a question of becoming a paying agency that is urgently requested, but a true partner present at all key moments in the life of its policyholders ... by making them quite simply confident.

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