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DEDE Industrieausstattung is a long-standing industrial wholesaler with the following focus: warehouse and factory equipment, markings, labelling, hall marking, workplace mats, noise protection, industrial floor coverings, industrial scales, labels, Industry 4.0, industrial supplies, factory equipment, warehouse supplies, municipal supplies, street furniture and ship supplies.

Our customers include industrial groups, medium-sized industrial companies, large logistics service providers and public authorities throughout Europe, e.g. in Switzerland, Austria.

As industrial wholesalers / industrial traders, we offer the following products, among others:

Industrial scales, platform scales, floor scales, pallet scales, inventory scales, precision scales, with verification / calibrated, rental scales / hire scales, counting scales for hire, scale hire

Workplace systems, such as industrial chairs and packing tables

Tactile guidance systems for the blind, floor indicators, guidance system, guidance system for the blind, studs, guidance systems, floor guidance systems, street furniture

Noise protection, including mobile noise barriers / noise protection walls, also for construction sites, customised noise protection elements, anti-vibration, anti-vibration mats

Protective films for construction / carpeting (e.g. flame retardant, self-adhesive, anti-slip)

Transport trolleys, stacking shelves, stacking racks

Industrial floors, industrial flooring. Refurbishment floor coating, PVC tiles

Mats, ergonomic workplace mats, rubber mats and anti-slip mats, including nitrile, for wet areas, ESD

Cutting mats, switching mats

Unwinding equipment Floor marking tapes, parking space markings, hall markings, if necessary with laying, industrial markings, industrial markings, warehouse markings, warehouse labels, shelf labels as shelf labelling, shelf labelling, with barcode for shelves, storage space and block storage, barcode printing

Storage racks, storage shelving, ISO GMA pallet racks, for chemical pallets & industrial pallets, industrial racks, industrial shelving, fall protection grids, industrial grids

Signs / signage such as prohibition signs, gate signs, shelf signs, shelf labelling, floor labelling, block storage signs, aisle signs, floor signs, traffic signs

Anti-slip strips / anti-slip covering, edge protection profiles

Shop floor management, quality management, lean management consulting

Crash protection for racks, collision protection, rack collision protection, column protection, barriers, crash protection bars, crash protection bollards, grids, partition walls, barrier storage, cantilever racks, cantilever shelving, cable drum racks

Operating supplies, workshop supplies, marine supplies

Drawing parts made of plastic / rubber, plastic moulded parts, plastic parts, plastic part

Anti-corona measures, such as corona distance warning devices

As a specialist dealer for Bemefa, bimos, COBA Europe, dancop, ERGOMAT, KERN & SOHN and Kraiburg,
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